August 12, 2015

These days in August can be pretty tough sometimes and you might find yourself doing things you wouldn’t normally do to entice these slimy creatures to bite your fly. The Fully Wild group was out on the mighty Madison once again trying their hand at fly fishing. They did well for the conditions they had to work with. Oh wait, the conditions were perfect:)                                                                                                                                       IMG_2558SM IMG_0882SM IMG_1645SM IMG_1649SM

It has been nice and sunny with a tiny bit of wind each day lately. The heat has stayed consistently around the 75-80 degree mark with a few degrees on either side from day to day. Rain here and there has given the fish a chance against all the anglers as the barometer drops a bit each time and they shut off for a minute. The evening fishing has been the most productive for a lot of us here at the shop. There has been caddis, and the random PMD flying around still. The nocturnal stone will work for you if you fish the upper stretch of the Madison a they tend to hang out up there a little longer.                                                                                        IMG_2562SM IMG_1515SM

The flies that the Fully Wild group did the best on were as follows: Purple Haze size 14; Yeagers red 409 size 16; Delektable Chubbyness UV Cinnamon size 14; Delektable Chubbyness Olive/Brown size 14; small black ant patterns; Bloody Mary sixe 16; Pearl Lightning Bug size 14; Pheasant Tail Spanker size 18.         IMG_1651SM IMG_1657SM IMG_0820SM IMG_2561SM

Hopefully you all are making it to the river and IMG_1080SMenjoying the nice pre-fall weather we are getting. Swing on in and say hey if you have the time! Happy Fishing Everyone!!!


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