August 6, 2015

Today  Captain Marty took Roger Shott (Roger Dodger) out on the mighty Madison river from McAtee Bridge to Varney Bridge. Roger threw dries out of the boat all day. The first part of the morning was exceptionally better than the rest of the day, but it did pick up a little bit more towards the end down by theIMG_2557SM cottonwood trees. Roger hooked most of his fish on Dan Delekta’s Delektable Royal Chubbyness size 16. The size 14 did catch the bigger fish of the day but the 16 proved to be the one to bring them to the surface more. They threw Purple Haze, Adam’s, the Ant and other dries, but they seemed to only want the Delektable Royal Chubbyness. Roger is a dry or die kinda guy, so the dry fly was flying high in the sky! Fish did come to the surface all day long for the dry, and even tho they didn’t get the biggest of fish, they caught fish most of the day:) Either way you look at it, the sun did come up and Roger and Marty got to breath the fresh Montana air all day long! I hope to see you and YOUR fish pictures, so come on in and share your day with US! Happy Fishing Everybody!!!            -DanG

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