August 2014

 These past few weeks have been pretty good here on the river with the Fully Wild groupsIMG_2350 SM IMG_6442 SM IMG_2349 SM IMG_2347 SM IMG_1576 SM IMG_1570 SMIMG_1596 SM IMG_1306 SM IMG_1296 SM IMG_1238 SM IMG_1236 SM IMG_0799 SM IMG_0427 SM IMG_0426 SM IMG_2345 SM IMG_1235 SM IMG_1228 SM IMG_6418 SM IMG_6385 SM IMG_2343 SM IMG_2338 SM IMG_2335 SM IMG_2334 SM IMG_2331 SM IMG_1294 SM IMG_1293 SM IMG_1287 SM IMG_1588 SM IMG_2326 SM IMG_2324 SM IMG_2322 SM IMG_2320 SM IMG_1224 SM IMG_0410 SM IMG_0614 SM IMG_0611 SM IMG_0609 SM IMG_1585 SM IMG_1278 SM IMG_0608 SM IMG_1584 SM IMG_1583 SM IMG_0703 SM IMG_1566 SM IMG_1257 SM IMG_1254 SM IMG_0602 IMG_0399 SM IMG_1581 SM IMG_1579 SM IMG_1222 SM IMG_2310 SM IMG_0594 SM IMG_1575 SM IMG_1574 SM IMG_2309 SM IMG_0396 SM IMG_0391 SM IMG_1247 SM IMG_0797 SM IMG_2306 SM IMG_2304 SM IMG_0794 SM IMG_0793 SM IMG_0784 SM and the Girls Gone Wild groups. We have gone through a whole bunch of bugs since the last report.

The spruce moths and nocturnal stones were a minute ago but still get a fish to come up every now and then if ya twitch it and tease ‘em just so :). We now have hoppers and flying ants in the mix of caddis and various mayflies. Some of the patterns that are working for hoppers are the Brown and Tan and Brown and Yellow Fat Albert sizes 12 and 14. The flying ant is working in red and in black.

Our favorite patterns here of course are Dan’s Delektable Flying Ant in both of those colors. Purple Haze and Adams dries in sizes 16 and 18 have been good for the spinnerfall in the late afternoon and/or evening. Beetles and different terrestrial patterns have been working for others when nothing else seems to be working.

In the nymph world caddis case patterns seem to be ruling the ruling the roost. Green Delektable Spankers size 14 have been a real good one for some while just plain pheasant tail case patterns have been working others. The Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ear nymph has just been HOT lately in sizes 14 and 16. Dan’s Delektable Little Spankers in almost all colors have been working well to in the 14, 16 and 18. Lighting Bugs are still getting people some nice fish as well as Shop Vac style flies such as the 3 Dollar Dip.

This past weekend on Saturday and Sunday the weather was really good if you love to fish streamers in the rain and nasty weather. Some nice fish were caught on some bigger articulated sculpin patterns by some people we know around here. Black, Olive and Yellow/Brown/Olive are some hot colors that got some beautiful fish very recently. It is thought by some or most that August is the slowest month for fishing around here, but I encourage everyone to think outside the fly bin and try something you haven’t ever tried/tied before and you might be surprised :).

Yellow jackets, mice, and yes, even frogs have been working in August to pull some beauts out of their comfort zone. Well, that’s it for now from the ol’ Tooth! Happy fishing!!!


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