Hey all! The ant has been working for us here on the Madison! That little guy is teasing the fish too much now and they just can’t take it! The IMG_1363 SMwater is coming up again slowly and the fish have been kinda weird, but try the ant! It has been real hot still, so they are a little slower in the late morning to afternoon. The pearl lightning bug size 14 is still kickin’ butt along with some other small nymphs like the pheasant tail softie size 16. Today it seemed like everyone around was hooked up and rods were bent. The smoke plumes have been pretty impressive over the IMG_2111 SM IMG_0353 SM IMG_0354 SM IMG_1365 SMpast week, but it is clearing and the cloud cover was still great today, so we had some happy clients. And as you probably know, happy clients mean happy guides IMG_1056 SMIMG_1062 SM IMG_0865 SM IMG_0871 SM
IMG_2113 SM IMG_2114 SMand happy guides therefore means happy wives :). So, smaller hoppers with smaller droppersĀ have been the key to the game lately. A few other small nymphs are the copper john (red), prince, and micro mayflies. This week the ladies really cleaned up! There may or may not have been a little competition going on between them all but, so you guys be the judges. Great job ladies and we cant wait to have you back! That’s all! Enjoy the pictures!! Happy fishing!!!

IMG_0357 SM IMG_0358 SM IMG_0981 SM IMG_1069 SM IMG_1072 SM IMG_1368 SM IMG_1369 SM IMG_2115 SM IMG_2116 SM IMG_0970 SM



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