This past week a number a different tacticsIMG_2120 SM have been used to get the fish to eat. Little streamers with nymphs trailing have been real good this week. The nymphs and colors the guides (and shop rats) have suggested are as follows; copper johns, tinsel tim, batman, sparkle prince, purple prince, lightning bugs, caddis emergers, and micro mayflies. These flies are reds, purples, blues, green to olives, and are mostly in the 16-18
size range and trailed 20-25 inches behind yerIMG_1376 SM IMG_1379 SM big guy. Dead drifting has produced many nice fish and different forms and patterns of stripping. Some nice size fish have been taken on the girdle bug lately too, but it seems to be a one fish wonder. The nocturnal stone is petering off; however a golden stone dry in the morningIMG_2118 SM IMG_2119 SM IMG_0360 SM IMG_0361 SM IMG_1384 SM IMG_1387 SMbelow Lyons Bridge has been phenomenal for some. Streamers and smaller sculpin patterns have been turning some bigger heads! Some really nice fish are being caught on sculpin patterns such as the Double Bunny, the Sheila, bunny Flash Fry, Sculp-zilla, and the Zonker. The IMG_1077 SM IMG_1079 SM IMG_0879 SM IMG_2121 SM IMG_0248 SM IMG_0255 SMrabbit fur is workin’ like a charm now! The weather has also been cooperative for streamer fishing with rain and cloudy cooler temps, but dont get caught in the rain or hail!! On the dry side, Purple Haze variations with a wulffy look have been doing good for some along with Dan’s Delektable Halo caddis pattern with legs. Grey and Olive caddis patterns with legs sizes 16 and 18. Purple, grey, tan , and brown have been good mayfly colors. IMG_0362 SM IMG_0365 SM IMG_1103 SM IMG_1120 SM IMG_0888 SM IMG_2127 SMThere has been a Good ant action below Ruby Creek to Town. The colors have been red, pink, and black. don’t give up on the dries (not that you would ever do such a thing:)!! The weather has been, well, typical Montana weather with rain, cold, warm, nice, rain, cold, warm and then nice again usually all in the same float. But, as always, it is a beautiful float wherever you are on the Great Madison River! We have been having some longtime and returning clients here and we are having a blast really getting to know you guys:) and we love taking care of you!!! Happy fishing and go git ’em!!!IMG_0976 SM IMG_0979 SM



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