Dan had the opportunity to float the Big Hole River with his daughter Allie and our newest employee Ryan. We chose the Salmonfly to Glen float hoping for a chance at some afternoon dry fly action. The fishing turned out to be a bit on the tougher side that day. The flows had come up slightly and the visibility wasn’t perfect, but plenty of clarity for fishing. We Nymphed and Streamer fished through the morning and landed some solid Brown Trout. It wasn’t lights out. But we were catching fish on a beautiful sunny day. We tried the dries for an hour without much interest. So then we went back to the Nymphs that had been producing all day. Delektable Balanced Stones, Delektable Mega Princes, Delektable Hurless Stones in sizes #8-#10. We were trailing those with a variety of Worm imitations. The catch rate was pretty equal between the Stonefly Nymphs and the Worm Patterns. They made us work a bit harder than usual. But a great day none the less and smiles were had by all.

We were able to have three boats on the Big Hole River Wednesday May 5th 2021 in two different sections of the River. The day started with overcast but nice weather overall. The Streamer action wasn’t on fire, but very consistent throughout the morning and into the afternoon. Delektable Screamers in all Yellow was keeping the rods bent. Unfortunately all great things come to an end. And Mother Nature stepped in with Big Thunderstorms around 3:30 to 4pm. With the sudden drop in pressure and bad weather the trout catching action came to an end for that day.

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