We have had a number of boats out on the Madison over the last week. Fishing overall has been solid. Some days have been tougher than others. But overall it’s been good to great for most of our outings. Nymphing remains the best strategy for getting into the most consistent fishing. Delektable Mega Princes, Delektable Hurless Stones, and Delektable Balanced Stones in sizes #8-#10 are a great choice for your lead fly. Delektable Lil’ Spankers in Silver, Red, Blue, and Pheasant Tail. Shop Vacs, Psycho Princes, Serendipities, Egg Patterns, and Worms have also been strong choices for trailer patterns which will produce.

The Mother’s Day Caddis hatch had been strong on the Lower Madison as well as the lower stretches of the Upper River from Varney downstream to Valley Garden and the lake channels. The cool batch of weather that rolled in last weekend put this hatch on hold for a couple of days. We should see this hatch back in action as the weather warms mid week. Dan was able to get out and fish this hatch on Friday the 7th and had excellent success. Delektable CDC Holographic Elk Hair Caddis, Delektable Little Chubbies, and Delektable Sparkle Bugs, in Olive in sizes #14 and #16 have fished well during this hatch. The Upper Wade Section as always is providing action on top with Blue Winged Olives in sizes #18 –  #22. And Midge Adults and Clusters in sizes #18 – #22. If you catch the right day with some cloud cover, calm winds, the fishing can as always be outstanding.






The streamer action is still heating up. And will do so as spring flows continue to increase. Tactics have varied daily. Fast Retrieves, Slow Retrieves, and Dead Drifting are all possibilities. Black, Olive, White, and Natural colored patterns seem to be the hot colors right now. It just takes some time and patience to figure out how they want them presented each day. Streamer bite has definitely been more active on overcast days without the bright sunlight.

The season is coming on quickly with the last of our closed waters such as the Upper Beaverhead opening this coming Saturday the 15th of May. As always please stop by and pick up some Bugs, Leaders, Suncscreen, and any other tying materials you may need on your way to the River. Be safe out there and remember it’s all about fun out there.

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