We had several folks go out this week. To make it easier for you and not too long a read with pictures, we tried to generalize the report and provided a sample of the photos. So, here we are catching up for you! 🙂

IMG_0418 SM
IMG_0397 SM

Mornings and evenings have been the best with caddis, mayflies, and sallies. Most of the fish have been taken on nymphs like the hares ear softies and the tungsten pheasant tail softies. The micro may and some red style nymphs like the red brassie in the small sizes have been working great as well. IMG_1268 SMIMG_0889 SM IMG_0915 SM

IMG_1257 SM
IMG_1263 SM IMG_0892 SM IMG_1266 SM IMG_0920 SM IMG_0198 SM IMG_0893 SM IMG_0894 SM IMG_0325 SM IMG_0326 SM IMG_1280 SM IMG_2074 SM IMG_2075 SM IMG_0781 SM IMG_0780 SM IMG_0927 SMThe Delektable CDC prince and the lemon drop have been hot in the middle of the day when it slows down a little. Sally nymphs have been good in the Indian Creek confluence and nearby. At this time when the fish are getting a little pickier, you have to be willing to change it up a little bit more than usual to find what they want exactly. We have been seeing some hoppers now but they aren’t taking them as readily yet. Ants have been reported to be working also. It’s hot and terrestrial season is upon us. Happy fishing!!!

Dan, Marty, Brandon, Tim, Randy, Nick and Craig

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