I want to start off by saying the Stone is fishing good!DSCF3236 SM I was lucky enough to spend 5 out of the last 7 days there. The floats were Sheep to Springdale, Carter’s to Mayors and Grey owl to Mallards. Below and Above Livingston produced quality fish with sculpin patterns (mc’cunes, bow river buggers) and bead heads (copper johns, lightning bugs and shop vacs) as well as Chubby’s and small Adams flies. Through town they were eating hoppers (size 12 and 14 morrish’s with tan, yellow and pink), the size of the fish were smaller but the number caught increased through town. Don’t be afraid to fish in the really deep water on the edges and in the middle of the river, since water temps have fluctuated and scattered the fish all over the river. As I’m sure most people know the weather in Montana can


change drastically; one minute 90 degrees then severe thunder storms with golf ball size hail, be careful and be prepared for the unexpected. If you have the opportunity to get over and fish the Yellowstone I highly recommend it!



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