PMD crackbacks seem to be what the fish want here right now. They are eating Psycho Princes and other PMD patterns like the Guides Choice Hare Ear too (16s), but they are really keying in on the PMD crackback (split case) in the size 16 and 18 with the bead. Once again the mornings have been better than the afternoons with bigger fish eating earlier.
Forrest 2 SM photo SM
IMG_0222 SM IMG_0218 SM IMG_0207 SM IMG_0203 SMToday was a great day even with the rain (which we needed anyway). No real big ones, but a lot of fish! Girdle bugs are working great still for the nocturnal stone.IMG_0913 SM IMG_2084 SM Olive and brown seem to be the color, but they will take ‘em all! Dan, Marty, Dan M, Brandon, Dave and Jim 

IMG_1312 SM IMG_2079 SM IMG_2078 SM IMG_1311 SM

IMG_0330 SM IMG_0332 SM

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