July 4th, 2016| Yellowstone River Fishing Report

If you were out on the Yellowstone River on the weekend of the 4th, you would have seen the hatch was thick…with not only people on tubes and rafts, but also the Caddis hatch. The Delektable Royal Chubbyness was a good pick, but it was the Delektable Royal Halo that the fish seemed to key in on the most. Even though the people hatch was absolutely off the charts, you could still manage to get a decent cast in between all the boats to a hungry trout or two. That being said, the tail end of salmon fly and golden stone brings in the PMD’s and Caddis. As this summer moves on, you’ll notice that the bugs will become smaller and the need to change up your tactics will be crucial. DON’T forget about streamers while fishing the Yellowstone because the fish will enjoy a Sculpin on the menu. Here are some pics of Chip and Mary Rose guided by Marty on the Yellowstone.IMG_2738 SM IMG_2744 SM IMG_2743 SM

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