June 12th-15th 2016| Madison River Fishing Report

The theme for this week’s fishing is “The hatches are coming” with fishing really picking up. What we have observed is that water clarity is improving, especially below the Westfork, with a few feet of visibility in some spots. CFS levels are around 1100 near Kirby and have been on a downward spiral for the past week, finally leveling off today. Helpful hint: Make sure to bring your bug spray and layers because the mosquitoes are out and hunting due to the higher than normal moisture levels.

To start of this week, Marty, Jesse and Will fished after work in the backyard. The first order of business was to layer up and apply bug repellent for mosquitoes. Water clarity and conditions were good with around 2 feet of visibility. A lot of small caddis (light winged colored) were flying, as well as a few mayfly sightings. Marty rigged up two dry flies; A Delektable Chubbyness Rootbeer and Royal #16 and #14. IMG_7651 (1) SMJesse was throwing a dry with a small Lil’ spanker trailing and Will a Delektable Chubbyness Royal with a #16 Delektable Hammerhead Pheasant tail. Fish definitely hit the dries but were not fully taking the fly or we could have reacted too quickly. Persistence was key and about one out of five were successfully landed.

Will put on the waders and fished after work up above Kirby’s. Like the day before the clarity and CFS levels were consistent with a good cloud cover above. The flies of choice hadn’t changed from the night before; A Delektable Chubbyness Royal #14 and Delektable Hammerhead Pheasant tail #16 as a trailer. Letting that dry float down stream and giving it some twitching action worked best. Fishing behind the buckets and along the pools is where the majority of bites occurred. This enabled them to see the dry and to think the nymph was emerging. Some very respectable browns and rainbows were landed making for a great evening.IMG_0064 SM IMG_0065 SM

We have also been getting some great reports in from our crew and folks coming by the shop. There have been positive results on nymph fishing as well as streamers. Lightning bugs and Pat’s rubber legs have been working as well as black/tan streamers. IMG_7584 SMWith the warmer weather expected to arrive later this week, the mega hatch could be soon to come. No clear sightings of Salmon Fly Adults in our neighborhood and questionable still on the Lower Madison.

Keep Throwing Darts! Will 

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