We are catching up with our reports and getting into the flow of fishing, hatches, people in the shop, and more.

Things are really heating up around the valley, especially the bug hatches. Little Caddis, big Caddis aka Bomber Caddis, PMDs, aaand of course Salmon Flies! We are seeing Salmon flies through a large stretch of river, pretty much from just above Ennis up to Palisades or so. The Caddis are throughout the entire river in a variety of sizes and colors and the PMDs are mostly below Varney. The forecasted weather is likely to slow the hatches down a bit but when the sun comes out expect it to be game on. In the meantime, the nymphing and streamer fishing should be great.

Under the surface we’ve seen success on many variations and sizes of prince nymphs as well as the Delektable CDC Baby, Delektable Lime Juice, Delektable Lil’ Spanker, Delektable Hammerhead including Jig Hooks, Delektable Sure Strike, Delektable Mega Prince, Shop Vac, Copper John, $3 Dip, Lemon Drop, GB Superflash Yellow, PMD Nymphs, and of course Pat’s Rubberlegs Black, Olive/Brown, Black/Brown, & Brown. The double small nymph game has been working in addition to a big nymph trailed by a small nymph. Depending on the flows, you may need to add weight.

As for the dry flies.. Delektable Secret Stoneflies, Delektable Mega Chubbyness, Dornan’s Water Walkers, and Morrish’s Fluttering Stone are all good choices for the big bugs. As for the Caddis you’ll wanna fish Delektable CDC Elk Hairs, Delektable Halos, Bloom’s Para Caddis, or the Delektable Twisted Baby. Purple Hazes, Adams Flies and Comparaduns are the way to go for PMDs.

Streamer fishing has been variable with the weather and water flow but we’ve had some success on Delektable Screamers, Bond’s Dragon, Zonkers and Mini Loop Sculpins have picked up a few fish. Best to try trailing an emerger behind it.





Get outside and enjoy the river and fishing!

With Best and Healthy Wishes from Brian and the Delektable Crew

Thank you for your generous support.


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