June 19, 2014 Big Hole

There are good days on the river, and there are really good days on the river.IMG_1329 SM IMG_1312 SMIMG_1327 SM IMG_1316 SM IMG_1314 SMIMG_1311 SM

Thursday was a really good day.

It was a day off for myself and the bosses, Dan and Nancy. We heard the reports of the Salmon Flies on the Big Hole river.

Road trip!

The expected boat hatch was in full bloom, so we put on a little later, and slipped in behind the flotilla. Despite the estimated 50 to 60 boats dredging the water ahead of us, we had hot action for the entire 18-mile float. With Salmon Flies in the air and in the bushes we, of course, started with Salmon dries. We were barely out of the launch when we had our first of many double hookups. Dan also ran his favorite double-rig; a Salmon dry with a Salmon nymph under it.

The Salmons drew incredible bites for about half the float, then cooled at the same time we started seeing Golden Stones flying. The Golden dries went on the lines and the action was right back to hot and heavy.The Goldens, dry and wet, produced for most of the second half of the trip, turning off shortly before the end. Despite there being no other bugs in the air, and the weather turning dark and threatening rain, Dan decided to go back to the Salmon dries, and the bite was back on all the way to the ramp.

What a day!

The nymphs that worked were the Delektable Mega Prince in #6 and #8, and the Tungsten Bead Goldenstone #8. The Salmon and Golden dries were some of Dan’s “Secret” patterns that are in “field-testing” at the moment, and should be available in the shop next season. Sorry guys.

It was beautiful and very green in the valley. And…The day ended with doubles again….Fun! Happy Fishermen and Women!



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