The salmon flies are officially here as they arrived on our front porch and flew into the shop. The Salmon Fly Spottings are mainly from Palisades down but there are some showing up river from there. The Caddis and Goldens are all over and some yellow sallies too. A variety of Salmon Fly patterns are working, Golden Stones, and Caddis. On the wet side a variety of stone fly nymphs are working trailed with Caddis emergers, and a variety of colors for little stone flies, including lightening bugs.

The fish are biting. Remember to learn how to respond to the take. It’s been a really productive fishing week with plenty of fun had by all.

Gary rowed his wife, Martha into this really nice 20″ Madison River Brown trout caught on a Delektable Goldenstone. Way to go Martha!

Go Fishing!


June 25 and 26, 2012

Dan, Marty and Nancy went out in the evenings for quickee floats to do more intel. We started at Lyons one of the nights and started at Palisades the other night. There were plenty of goldens and a ton of caddis again. We did not see Salmon Flies above Palisades. The trout were eating the big bugs in gold and salmon color and were eating big caddis patterns. We missed a number of takes and had fun watching the trout come up for it, sometimes full body leaps. Marty remembered this catch because the trout really sipped the fly. Remember to pause a bit but not too long and then take the strike.

Timing is important. While Marty was rowing Dan and Nancy got doubles two different times. Later as it got dusky we switched to Delektable Twisted Sisters in purple and yellow with the red butt and they took both, then later we switched to chuby chernobyls and they worked too. We were switching flies so we could see them better and the fish were liking the varieties. It was fun!

The forecast is predicting serious gusty winds through Tuesday and hopefully calming by Wednesday and Thursday. There are some forest fires out there including Pony and the Lower Madison so be cautious. The road following the Lower Madison was closed today to through traffic.

Friends did see Salmon flies at Palisades today, Tuesday. There are also Salmon Flies between the lakes now. They are traveling up quickly.


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