March, 2015

Hey everyone!!! The season is here…actually, it never really stopped:) Young Dan




here, hoping to see you all again this year as we kick off the new season! It’s March and the weather is absolutely gorgeous out for it being spring. All the action is still below McAtee Bridge as the Upper Upper Madison is closed for spawning until the 16th of May. The squalla are moving around now and the fish are gobbling them down hard. The Delektable Mega Prince in Olive and Standard, the Delektable Grey Hurless and Pat’s Rubber Legs all in sizes 6 and 8 are working really well with a caddis nymph or May Fly underneath. Double stonefly rigs are working well without weight. Caddis are always a good choice to fish with anytime of year around here. There are many caddis patterns out there that would probably work well, but the hot ones we are using are the Delektable Olive Big Spanker size 14 and 16,

IMG_1486SMDelektable Silver Spanker size 16 and 18, and a regular silver lightning bug of either size 14 or 16. You will also start seeing BWOs around. A silver or pearl lightning bug in a 14 or 16 is perfect for that BWO nymph. Well, we hope to see you guys out there soon and in the shop as well!!! Happy fishing!!! -Dan

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