Hopefully you were lucky enough to get out on the river this weekend and earlier this week while the entire upper river was clean and clear. After the past couple days of warmer temps the West Fork is back to dumping in the dirty water, but the good news is the wade section above should continue to fish well. We’ve still got about a foot or so of visibility at Varney, and better clarity higher up but the water is haulin’ and high. Take serious CAUTION when floating because Sun West and Wolf Creek bridges will be tough to get under so choose your floats wisely.


We’ve been having good luck on Delektable Lil’ Spankers in pheasant tail or silver on either a #14 or #16 hook, the One Man Party caddis nymph in a #16 and red worms of course. Stoneflies are still working well in a lot of varieties(all working best in sizes #8 and #10) such as the Delektable Mr. Rubberlegs Hare’s Ear, the Delektable Bug in the Halloween color, and the Pat’s Rubberlegs in black or black/brown. The good side of the high water is that the fish will be concentrated on the banks and in the slow water behind boulders and logs. SEEK THE SLOW WATER! You shouldn’t have to venture far off the banks to find it.


Streamer fishing has been good on the upper river as well, we got into a few fish yesterday on the Eric’s Jealousy in the “Big Horn” color but anything nice and meaty in that variegated yellow should do the trick. The Delektable Black and Olive Double screamer has been getting it done out there as well.


The surface action has been hit or miss with the ever changing spring time weather but if you’re out there on a nice cloudy day make sure you’ve got a few Delektable Peacock Halo’s in a #16 and some Split Winged March Browns in a #14 or a Parachute Adams either #14 or #16.



Best of Luck out there and as always, stop by the  shop for 
info and ammo!





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