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30′ Shooting Taper-Ice Blue
Cortlands famous Shooting Taper available in a vintage box at a great price!!
Designed for those anglers that require accurate distance casting.
Mastering a controlled effortless cast determines your success in fly fishing. You can more easily achieve this by taking advantage of the advanced characteristics of 444 Fly Lines.
-The suppleness of 444 Fly Lines is desired by fly fishers all over the world when delicate fly presentation is a critical factor.
-Special taper designs are uses to assist in tight loop control and pinpoint casting accuracy. You maintain maximum control of every cast.
-444’s special formulation contains unique properties that make it float extremely high on water surfaces. Line pick up becomes effortless with less chance of spooking fish.
-The glass smooth finish allows the line to pass through rod guides with less friction and noise. Every cast is smooth.
30 Ft.
(Picture shown is of the ST-11-F)

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