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The modified Rocket 2 taper loads with a minimum of line for easy pick-ups and quick shots to those fast water pockets, but will also reach out with ease for longer casts. An over sized running line section allows easy mending and better line handling and Cortland’s special core and jacket formulation means almost no “memory” for reduced coiling. Easy-to-see Mango color helps you track your drift and the specially formulated 3′ “Dyna-Tip” keeps the line tip floating for less drag, easier strike detection and better hook sets. Whether you’re drifting a pair of bead heads under an indicator, fishing dries in the pockets or swinging a streamer, the “Western Drifter” is the new go-to line for big “water anglers” everywhere.

Sizes: WF 5 – 8
Type: Floating
Taper: Rocket 2
Color: 3′ White Tip/Mango
Core: Nylon Braid
30 Yds.

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