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Beartooth Illusion Fluorocarbon Tippet Material now available on a special higher capacity guide spool with a tippet girdle to hold the tippet in place including a hole in the grommet to pull the tippet through. Beartooth Illusion Fluorocarbon is a high quality pure fluorocarbon. This quality results in fewer to no break offs; ability to use one “X” size higher because of the material’s invisibility; and fishing longer stretches without personal problems from tangles and loss of flies. Prices vary by size.

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100Yards, 60Yards


0X 12LB, 15LB, 1X 10LB, 20LB, 2X 8LB, 3X 6LB, 4X 5LB, 5X 4LB, 6X 3LB, 7X 2.5LB, 8X 2LB, 9X 1.5LB

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