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Highest quality fluorocarbon on an easy to use snap together spool.
(Photo Shown is 4X) Prices vary by size from $11.70-$20.80.

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Hard Spool


0X 30yds, 0X 50yds, 15LB 30yds, 1X 30yds, 1X 50yds, 20LB 30yds, 25LB 30yds, 2X 30yds, 2X 50yds, 30LB 30yds, 3X 50yds, 40LB 30yds, 4X 50yds, 5X 50yds, 60LB 15yds, 6X 50yds, 7X 50yds, 80LB 15yds, 8X 50yds

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