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Beartooth Sinking “Lead-Core” Braided Butt Fluorocarbon Leaders: We’ve created these “Sinking Leaders” to be used with Sink-Tip, Full Sinking and Shooting Head fly lines, dramatically increasing the sink rate of these lines. In fact, the leaders sink faster than the fly lines they may be used with and actually pull the fly line down with them. These Sinking Leaders are also effective when used with a Floating Fly Line as a removable Sink Tip. Beartooth Sinking “Lead-Core” Braided Butt Leaders feature a Full Lead Wire section inside our Braided Butt section. “Lead-Core” Braided Butt Leaders tied with “Fluorocarbon” transition sections and tippets. Note: the 7 1/2 and 9′ length incorporates a full 36: Lead Wired Braided Butt section making these lengths customer favorites. (Photo shown is 3X)

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7 1/2 Ft, 9 Ft

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