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SKU: 19349 Alternate Lookup: RD-5-5027K-580-401 Manufacturer: Redington


The all new MINNOW rod was designed and tuned to meet the needs of younger anglers, with its shorter rod length and a medium action that allows for easy casting and enjoyable days on the water. Comes with the Minnow Rod 8″ 5 Wt. 4 Piece, Crosswater Reel 4/5/6 Wt., 5 Wt line, 9′ 4X leader, and rod/reel case.

The 580 MINNOW is the perfect rod for young anglers. It’s built with enough power to throw a wide variety of flies, but the shorter 8′ length offers less swing weight to make it easier for casters of smaller stature to make effective stops at the end of their casting stroke.

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8 Ft 4 In


5 Wt