The Yellowstone River has been through some crazy times this summer with some record lows and a pretty hefty whitefish kill, but it is getting back into the swing of things now. Some friends and I went over and floated from town down about 13 miles with perfect weather for throwing streamers. It was kind of rainy and cloudy at first but the sun came out a little bit later and warmed it up a tad. we saw a few eagles before we set off, and that’s always a good omen, so we knew we would see some fish.

img_0701-sm img_0714-sm

The streamer bite was most definitely on! We did see some nice big fish follow our flies all the way up to the boat and swat at them without total commitment. At least we were seeing them. The flies and colors that were the best where brown/yellow and olive/gold wool-head sculpin patterns. Yellow and brown are just really good fall spawning colors to throw. White was also a good color to throw in the articulated world as white is always right.

img_20160923_201052-sm img_0667-sm

Well, I hope you all are doing well and fishing your little @$$’$ off! May you all fish long and prosper!

Happy Fishing!!! -DanG


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