Well I can’t believe it’s already October, we will be changing our store hours with the seasons to 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Flows have been steady at 880 c.f.s. below Hebgen, about 960 at Kirby and 1090 c.f.s. down at Varney. Although flows have been consistent the weather has not and due to that we had a couple days we had to work for some fish. The good news is things are on the upswing again.

Baetis are starting to show up especially in the upper wade section. I have been seeing fish eating mayflies and the occasional October caddis on the surface later in the afternoon. A big Goddard caddis with a parachute adams or a purple haze behind it should get you dry fly guys through the day. 

Streamer fishing has been good lately as well with the browns being very aggressive some days. I’ve seen better action on slower strips with white Delektable screamers, olive/white double bunny’s and when the going gets tough try dead drifting smaller sculpin patterns like Sheila’s or Morrish’s sculpins. 

Nymphing has unsurprisingly been most productive. Prince nymphs, Delektable Lil’ Spankers in red or pheasant tail, Delektable Hammerheads, Rubberlegs, and worms are all good options to hang under an indicator or behind a streamer.

Always feel free to call or stop in the shop for any additional info and keep an eye out for more reports to come!

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