September 4th-10th | Madison River Fishing Report

As we work our way into September day time temps are scheduled to drop into the 60s by the end of the week and some rain here and there will be a nice change from the smoky skies we’ve had. The Madison is flowing at 985 c.f.s. below Hebgen and 1130 c.f.s. down at Kirby.

Fishing has been good below the surface with streamers and nymphs. Let’s start with the nymphs; lightning bugs are still killing it and Delektable Big Spankers and Hammerheads, Two Bit Hookers, Shop Vacs and small Rubberlegs are all doing their job as well.

Streamer fishing has been pretty good as the sun comes up and as it goes down. A few of our top flies have been black/olive or white Delektable Screamers, Sculpzillas, olive Mini Loops and Trevor’s Sculpins. The Browns are sitting behind the rocks waiting all night for something meaty to swim by so take advantage!

We’ve had some good action on the surface in the middle and end of the day as well. Small black caddis and some bigger caddis are starting to hatch in the evenings and the hoppers and small chubby patterns are still getting action during the day. Delektable CDC Elk Hair Caddis and other small elk hairs are good in the evening along the banks. Yeti Hoppers, Sheila’s Hoppers, Delektable Slammers and Chubbyness in UV cinnamon or royal are all good options during the middle of the day.

Seasons are changing and the fishing is good so get out there and take advantage!

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