“So…we meet again”, he said to the stick of butter as he sliced through it to butter his toast. Imagining his trophy in the net, he gently smeared the golden butter on his sourdough bread as if he was studying the spots. His toast now buttered he stared at it for a moment…“Finally in the net and to my hands!” he thought. As he took a bite he realized he was yet again daydreaming about that monster brown that got away from him in Southwest Montana. He hasn’t slept in four days and coffee only puts him in a deeper state of insomnia. He is already surfing the internet to book his next trip with the Beartooth Flyshop on the Madison River in the great state of Montana.

IMG_1482 SM IMG_2032 SMIMG_2030 SM IMG_2029 SM

Here at the Beartooth we are concerned about your health, so we have prepared for you your pharmaceutical pick-me-ups (fly bins FULL of flies) and we assure you we have the drugs (flies) you will need. But, in the very rare case that we do not have “the fly” that you need, we will at the very least have the remedies for with which to create “the fly”.

IMG_2026 SM IMG_2213 SM IMG_2643 SM IMG_1040 SMWe also have an array of fly tying supplies, so please swing on in and say hello and get you local report from any of us here, because we are also very sick with this little disease called flyfishing 🙂                                                                                                   IMG_2645 SM IMG_2040 SM IMG_2038 SM IMG_2036 SM

The river has been turning out great little fish for our clients and friends this past week and we are stoked to see more epic specimensIMG_2632 SM as we move IMG_2634 SMthrough the late summer months and into fall. The leaves have yet to turn here but let’s not rush it because we still have reports of some good hopper/ant fishing going on. The red ant is flying, the black ant is flying, the hopper is hopping and the trout are shopping, so get out there and get some pitch’n and twitch’n in before the colder weather sets in.IMG_1036 SM IMG_1033 SM IMG_1154SM IMG_1151 SM

IMG_2034 SM IMG_1051 SM IMG_1047 SM IMG_1486 SM

And now for the medley of bugs that have been working for us here. Some dries: Fat Albert brown sz 12-14, Grand Hopper sz 12, Dan’s Delektable Ant red sz 14-18, Yeager’s 409 red sz 16. Asauble Splitwing Pmd Spinner sz 14-18. Some nymphs: Pat’s Rubber Legs Olive/Brown/Olive sz 12; Formally Known As (FKA) Prince sz 14-16; Rainbow Warrior red sz 18; Delektable Red Spanker sz 16-18; Some Streamers: Delektable Screamer Black/Olive/Silver, Natty and Copper Zonks sz 6-8, Mini Scuplzilla black/olive.IMG_1046 SM

Well, that’s all fer now! Hope to see ya out there sooner than later! 🙂

Happy Fishing!!!  -DanG

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