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As the leaves are thinking about the fall and how they might brighten up our little world out here when they turn, we are still crank’n it out here on the mighty Madison as if were still midsummer!  Personally, I can’t wait for the snow to fall and for the browns to start their epic journey up the little criks and crannies to spawn. My favorite time is when the aspens are in raging full bloom in their fall display of beautiful yellows and oranges. But ahhh, it is still august, and we are still fishing the small bugs and terrestrials. Today…yes today the sun is a hot one!

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We are still having the cool spell here and there, but only in micro-doses. The weather is looking pretty good right now for us this week as we have some highs and some lows. The sun will come up each day and then go down and the weather will happen as it does around here…it will be completely unpredictable 🙂

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We have had some of our favorite groups come in these past couple of weeks along with all the folks from the Yellowstone River (don’t ask). But nevertheless, they have struck gold and we are happy to see happy clients! Check out the smiles and slime!

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The bugs that have been working are very specific; flies that IMG_2843 SMfloat and flies that sink, flies with an eye, shank and hook bend (barb or barbless), flies that have feathers and flies that have synthetic materials….need I go on? The flies have been a one and done around here lately and the guides have been changing up so much as if it were cool to change flies or something. It’s not like it’s been one single pattern that has been really hot, it’s just been the one-fly-wonders. So, when your are out there on your own, go through your box and try some things that maybe wouldn’t be one’s first choice. You may be surprised. Okay, the basics have reported results such as Prince Nymphs, Pheasant Tails, Something small and Green, a variety of Delektable Lil’ Spankers, Various Pat’s Rubberlegs Colors, Small things in Olive, Ants, and the Smaller Delektable Chubbyness Patterns are still working as dries, and Different dries in colors for the nocturnal are working. Oh yeah, there are some streamers to try including Zonkers, and others in various colors. Remember to experiment. There are also always Midges and Tricos abound if you are up to the tiny sizes.

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Yesterday someone came in and told me that he caught a 22inch rainbow on a brown beetle on the Madison. So, there ya have it! Try an oddball fly and you might be happy ya did! Good luck and Happy Fishing!!!   -DanG

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