August 23rd – 29th | Madison River Fishing Report

A fun part of this past week was all the youngsters we had the privilege of taking fishing. We had several trips that consisted of grandparents, parents, and grandkids fishing together which is always great to see and be a part of. As for the fishing, not a lot has changed but we expect the incoming weather to mix things up a bit. We’re expecting a significant drop in air temperature for tomorrow along with some rain.

Flows are down some from last week, 890 C.F.S. below Hebgen, 1,010 C.F.S. at Kirby and 1,030 down at Varney. Keep an eye out for those gravel bars that have become more exposed over the last few days.

Streamers and nymphs will be coming into play a bit more with the inconsistent weather but we expect the hardcore dry fly guys to continue to get it done with Hoppers, Ants and smaller Chubbies. The patterns haven’t changed much with flies like Dornan’s Water Walkers, Delektable Chubbyness, Delektable Secret Stones, Delektable Flying Ants and all your favorite Grasshopper flies doing the job. Dan has added a new Delektable Fly Design called the Delektable Lil’ Chubby which has a wide gap hook and is tied in sizes #14-#18. They are Sweet and the shop will need to order more because they are working.

Under the Bobber you should be fishing Pat’s Rubberlegs, Jig Lightning Bugs, Delektable Lil’ Spankers, Copper Johns, Serendipities, Formerly Known as Princes or anything comparable to those patterns.

Streamer fishing has improved a bit but maybe that’s just because more people are fishing them. Flies like Bow River Buggers, Delektable Screamers, Zonkers, Mini Dungeons and Trevor’s Sculpins have all been good options. 

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