Today is the 4th of September and I awoke realizing that today is the Archery Season opener for Deer and Elk here in Montana. It boggles my mind just how fast time flies during our short Summer seasons in the Northern Rockies. The mornings leave no doubt that fall and winter are right around the corner. It’s been very cool and actually chilly in the early mornings over that last ten days. And we will gladly take it after the extreme heat of June and July that had all our area rivers under Hoot Owl conditions for a month. But that is a distant memory now and we have a few more weeks of great fishing ahead. With Fall hatches of Blue Winged Olives and the annual spawning runs of Brown Trout entering the rivers and tribs to chase the bunny fur and soft hackles.

Overall fishing on the Upper Madison remains pretty good as long as your willing to be patient, rotate through some bugs and colors, and adjust your strategies to current conditions. Streamers fished dead drift with a twitch, or stripped are bringing in plenty of quality fish in the early to mid morning time periods each day. And Streamers are continuing to fish decently throughout the day once you find the color and size that Trout prefer. Nymphing remains your best bet for a larger catch rate. Two fly rigs with a Pat’s Rubberlegs, Delektable Mega Prince, or Wire Worm trailed with a size #16 to #18 trailer Nymph in most of the usual suspects is the way to go. There are plenty of Ants along the banks and that has been the go to for surface activity for the last several days. A small to mid sized Chubby or Water Walker trailed by an Ant has been a popular rig. Hoppers continue to be very inconsistent. There are Hopper windows here and there usually in the Noon to 2:30 window. But with the smokey haze and calmer winds it is looking more and more that the stellar Hopper seasons we had the last two years might not materialize this season. But keep chucking them. You just need that one player to come up and slurp that bad boy down.

We are selling through a good amount of our 40% off Rio and Cortland Clearance lines. A solid selection still exists especially on the Cortland side. So, please come by and pick up a fresh line or two if you have a rod or two in need of a new line. And as always free coffee in the mornings and some great advice from the Delektable crew. We appreciate you all so much for your support and all the friendships we’ve made throughout the years.

Dries: Delektable Chubbyness in Rootbeer, Royal, and UV Cinnamon #12-#16. Delektable Lil’ Chubby in UV Cinnamon, Tan, Royal #14-#18. Delektable Flying Ant in Cinnamon, Red, Purple, Black #14-#18. Yeager’s 409 in Red #16. Bloom’s Stealth Ant in Purple #16. Delektable Lil’ Secret in UV Pink and Royal #16-#18. Dornan’s Water Walker September Stone #14. Delektable Secret Stone in Dark Olive #10-#12. Morrish Hopper, Thunder Thighs Hopper, More or Less Hopper, Panty Dropper Hopper in Tan, Peach, Pink #10-#14.

Nymphs: Delektable Mega Prince Standard and Flashback #6-#10. Pat’s Rubberlegs in Olive/Black, Coffee/Black #6-#10. Delektable Lil’ Spanker in Silver, Gold, Purple, Pheasant Tail #16-#18. Delektable Jig Hook Tungsten Spanker in Silver, Pheasant Tail, and Orange #14-#16. Lightning Bugs in Silver, Gold, Purple #14-#18. Delektable Prince Brandon and Prince Nymphs #14-#18. Shop Vac’s #16-#18. $3 Dollar Dips Brown #16-#18. Crystal Dips #16-#18. Zebra Midge in Black/Silver, Black/Copper, and Red/Silver #18-#20. Wire Worms #4-#8.

Streamers: Delektable SS Jointed Screamer in White/Olive. Delektable Screamers Single or Double in Black/Olive, White, and Badger. Sex Dungeons full size and Mini in Olive, Black, and Cream. Trevor’s Sculpin in Black and Olive. Silk Kitties in Olive and White. Mini Loop Sculpin in Olive or Tan. Zonkers in Copper, Silver, and Olive. Sculpzilla’s in Olive, Black, and White.

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