I know I know, I’m thinking the same thing you are right now…This summer has flown by!! It’s almost August! Crazy huh. Another fishing report from Beartooth Flyfishing and as always we have lots to talk about and great pictures to share with you. This week we had the Clark Group, Neighbors, Fathers and Sons, and Wild Adventure Group join us once again. The temperature has not let up this past week, leveling off in the high 80’s during the day. Don’t worry this hasn’t posed any threat to the Maddy, as the fishing continues to be steady. Constant flow of water regulated by the dam has kept CFS levels around 1200. As the season continues and temperatures spike rivers like the Big hole are facing Hoot Owl Restrictions between stretches, with average CFS levels at 352. Better check with your local Big Hole fly shop before putting the boat in the water. Other River Restrictions are posted in the shop or call us to find out.IMG_1438 SM IMG_1108 SM IMG_2596 SM

HOT flies for the week: Dry Flies: Delektable Chubbyness (Royal,Olive/Brown,UV Purple,Cinnamon and 2Tone UV Dark Olive) all sizes #16 and #18,  Delektable Twisted X (Tan) and Royal Trudes. Nymphs: Delektable Lil’ Spankers, Callibaetis, Soft Hackle Hare’s Ear, various colors of Delektable Hammerheads and Lightning Bugs (Silver) all sizes #16,#18,#20. Hoppers: Fat Albert Tan and the Delektable Slammer in various colors. Ants, yes Flying Ants have started to appear this week which is great to hear.IMG_2593 SM IMG_1892 SM IMG_1902 SM

To start off the week we had the Clark Group guided by Ian and Randy as well as Dan M and Marty on the water.IMG_1888 SM IMG_2553 SM IMG_2565 SM IMG_1427 SM IMG_1435 SM IMG_2762 SM

A new Wild Adventure Crew was here having fun catching fish. Thanks to all our guides for another successful trip!IMG_2792 SM IMG_1445 SM IMG_1451 SM IMG_1018 SM IMG_1024 SM IMG_2014 SM IMG_2766 SM IMG_2770 SM

Remember Ants are making their way to town so keep an eye out. We will keep you updated so stayed tuned.

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