The water is high and muddy, but the Mighty Madison River is fishing considerably well! These are the times where the big streamers and the big nymphs are working the best. The bigger flies and streamers push and move through the water better than all the smaller stuff and the fish pick that up with their lateral line. The water might seem high and fast but focus on the sides of the banks and the pockets of water closer to the bank. The fish feel a little more comfortable with this color of water not having to worry about the birds and people as much. As far as the little flies and beadheads go, the guides have been putting them to them! The March brown has been a heavy hitter in a few different sizes but mostly 14’s. The BWO still picks up a fish or two here and there. Even the Squalla has been getting them in the net still. Soon we will be experiencing some warming weather and the snow will all be coming down, so get ready for the higher water and a little more color.

The flies that have been working have been steady going.


  • Delektable Royal Chubbyness (sz 10)
  • Adams (sz 14)
  • Purple Haze (sz 14)
  • Caddis (sz 14-16)
  • Brown Drake and spinners (sz 12-14)
  • Midges (sz 18-20)


  • Delektable Mega Prince Standard (sz 4-8)
  • Delektable Stonfly Candy (sz 8)
  • Delektable Pheasant Tail Lil’ Spanker (sz 16)
  • Delektable Prince Brandon (sz 16)
  • Wire Worm (all sizes)
  • Wooly Buggers (sz 6 and 8)
  • Nyphicator (sz 16)
  • Prince nymph (sz 16)


  • Any and all sizes will do, they are on it. When the bite is on, its on
  • The Delektable Double Screamers in most of the colors have been hot
  • The Delektable Single Screamers in White, Black , Badger and Black/Olive
  • Wool Heads on single hooks
  • Deer hair heads

Hope to see you out there enjoying the Big Montana Sky! Happy Fishing!!! -Dang


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